• 01

    Representation in the court

    Our specialists represent client's interests in the various judicial instances regardless of the stage of the judicial examination, namely in the courts on arbitration and criminal cases.

  • 02

    Corporate law

    Our lawyers have experience in the sphere of corporate finances and corporate management, provide transaction support of M&A, conduct legal review of the entities and assets.

  • 03

    Antimonopoly legislation

    The lawyers have experience in development and complying of the different contractual models with the antimonopoly legislation and are ready to represent clients in antitrust authorities, as well as to coordinate the contracts under the laws about the economic concentration and concerted actions and to develop a market behavior strategy and structuring of the company's business taking into account the requirements of the antimonopoly and other legislation.

  • 04

    Banking and financial law

    The lawyers provide complex support for the capital raising transactions and other operations related to the fund raising, investment and debt restructuring, including the support of the transactions with the securities, credit accommodation and finance, securitization, licensing procedures and currency regulation.

  • 05


    The lawyers have taken part in more than 100 legal proceedings related to bankruptcy, have participated in the bankruptcy proceedings representing the interests of creditors, debtors and bankruptcy commissioners. The specialists of the firm have set an extensive legal practice, have already developed a lot of models to prevent the client from the unscrupulous debtors and to protect the interests of persons involved in the bankruptcy proceeding. The clients of the firm are provided with the following services: filling all the necessary documents, inclusion the creditor’s claims in the register, contestation of the unscrupulous creditors' claims, investigation of the schemes used to withdraw the funds or other assets of  the debtor, contestation of the suspicious transactions made by the debtor before the bankruptcy.

  • 06

    Tax law

    Appeal to the specialists of the firm possessing the practical experience and theoretical knowledge will allow to resolve tax disputes on the pre-trial and trial stages. The lawyers provide the clients with the following services: consulting services with the explanation of the law acts, case analysis, recommendation, documentary work, the evidence base formation, complex representation of the client’s interests.

  • 07

    Real estate development and land property.

    The firm's specialists have experience in legal support of the real estate transactions, in advising on construction and land relations. The lawyers provide the clients with the legal support of transactions with commercial real estate and land, advice on the privatization of land and other real estate, and accompany the registration process and other activities.

  • 08

    Business reorganization and restructurisation

    The firm’s specialists have coordinated more than 100 M&A contracts, joint venture agreements, corporate restructurisation transactions, including contracts of investment in strategic sectors, with the national antitrust authorities. The lawyers provide the clients with the following services: support of the M&A transactions, legal assessment and analysis of the legitimacy of the transactions, legal expertise of the transactions, joint ventures incorporation, legal due diligence, legal support of investment projects.

  • 09

    Business criminal defense

    Attorneys of the Law firm «FORUS» specialize on the business protection in the economic sphere, and represent the interests of the client at all stages of criminal proceedings including pre-investigation stage. The firm's specialists conduct attorney's investigation and independent judicial review.

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