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    International practice

    The specialists of the Law firm «FORUS» are ready to provide the clients with the legal assistance regarding all spheres of the foreign business activities: relations with foreign partners, foreign markets access, international financial transactions, international commercial conflicts, international litigation, registration of foreign companies, including offshore, complex legal support of foreign business

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    International legal proceedings

    The firm's lawyers regularly attend courts worldwide, particularly in Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, the Republic of Cyprus, China, the USA, France, Switzerland and others. Our lawyers specialize in corporate, antitrust and investment disputes in the state courts and international commercial arbitration. The firm's specialists have experience in the solution of the international legal problems regarded with the seizure of assets and the enforcement of the decisions in various jurisdictions. The clients of the company are provided by the following services: client's interests representation, independent assessment of the circumstances and prospects of the dispute settlement, the security strategy development, the evidence base formation, enforcement proceeding services, etc.

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    International trade and customs law

    The firm's specialists represent the clients on the international trade legal aspects, including those related to the World Trade Organization and the Customs Union, conduct anti-dumping, special and other trade investigations, contest the results of the investigations in the court. The clients are provided with the legal advice on the foreign trade, cooperation with the customs authorities, development of the import / export / processing / temporary importation strategies and other customs procedures.

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    International tax planning

    The firm's lawyers develop and support individual programs of the taxation optimization with the use of the foreign corporate structures. The firm’s specialists provide the legal assistance on the international tax planning, conduct legal support of foreign companies, provide services of the foreign investment protection by means of corporate structures, ensure legal immunity of the assets, guarantee the confidentiality of the assets ownership, provide services of the integrated tax planning, etc.

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    Offshore business

    The firm's lawyers have experience of the registration and support of the non-residential business in the different jurisdictions (the United Kingdom, the Republic of Cyprus, Belize, the Republic of Seychelles, the British Virgin Islands and other countries, including offshore). The firm’s offices situated in different countries, strong partnerships with the registered agents in the offshore and low-tax jurisdictions allow the Law firm «FORUS» to provide a wide range of services for offshore businesses, including services of the registration and offshore companies’ activities support, services of selling the registered offshore companies, the banking services. The firm's lawyers are also ready to provide consultations on the choice of a particular jurisdiction to register a company at, on foreign company business and are ready to develop the schemes of the use of the foreign companies in foreign trade activities.

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