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    Pre-trial settlement of disputes, mediation and ADR

    Appeal to our specialists who have experience of the pre-trial settlement of the civil and commercial disputes will significantly increase the chance that the other party will take a decision to satisfy the requirements on the early stage of dispute.

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    Crisis-management, crisis management communication

    Crisis-management is a special area of Public Relations regarding the crises management, minimization of risks and situation control. The objective of crisis-management is not only the crisis overcoming, but also the crisis situation management, transformation crisis into a constructive channel.
    The main instruments of crisis-management are crisis management communication (crisis management PR and consulting) which contains a full complex of technologies focused on predicting and preventing the crisis, as well as development of schemes of actions to overcome the potential crisis situations rapidly and efficiently and to manage the consequences. Crisis management communications also include techniques used to maintain and correct the image, to adapt to the new conditions and to neutralize the negative technologies – the «black PR».
    The firm's officers specialized on the crisis management communications have experience of preplanning, prevention and control of the crisis situations in the various spheres. The firm’s clients are offered the following services: crisis situation analysis, identification and assessment of the risks, the development of measures to prevent/minimize reputational losses, development of anti-crisis programme, crisis management, etc.

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    Investment consulting

    The first task for the investor is to make an investment decision. The difficulty consists in the significant number of objects and limited amount of resources. Furthermore, each task is multivariant and can be solved by means of the various systems, methods and technologies. To help to make such decision our specialists are ready to hold special types of evaluation of the economic efficiency of the investment project justifying the ways and means to achieve the task.
    Business planning is one of the most effective tools of company development management. Based on the analysis and evaluation of the individual components that make up the company's business, as well as their relationships, business planning allows to assess the current state of the company objectively and determine the prospects of various directions of its development. Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of investment and the development of investment strategies. The company's clients are offered the services of analysis of the market situation, investment conditions, as well as the consultation to help to make the choice of forms and tools of investment and adjustment of investment risks.

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    Corporate management and financial risk management, risk management

    Risk management is the process of adoption and implementation of administrative decisions aimed at reducing the probability of occurance of the unfavourable result and minimization of the possible losses caused by its implementation. The purpose of risk management in the field of economics is to increase the competitiveness of business entities by means of protection against the risk realization.
    A key step of the risk management is considered to be the choice of methods and tools of risk management. The basic methods of risk management are the rejection of risk, its reduction, transfer and acceptance. Risk-instrumentarium includes political, organizational, legal, economic, social tools, and risk management as the system allows the simultaneous use of several methods and tools of risk management.

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    Mediation in the business conflicts

    The firm's specialists have experience and potential of the business conflicts resolution. Using various information and mediation instruments we are ready to act as the mediators in the client’s disputes. Working in such way we offer our clients the following services: information monitoring, audit of financial and economic activity of the company, collection services, debt management and monitoring of payment discipline, client's safety protection, organization of search, arrest and sale of the property, taking measures for the preservation of the property.

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    Protection from the hostile takeovers and raider attacks

    The scheme of the protection against hostile takeovers is a set of legal measures, the main task of which is to make a hostile takeover (raider attack) of a legal entity or property economically unattractive. The firm's specialists are ready to implement a comprehensive system of protection against a hostile takeover, to conduct a legal analysis of the existing corporate structure, strategy and tactics of defense, to develop and implement the business restructuring schemes and to protect client’s property.

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    Insolvency and bankruptcy

    The firm's lawyers have taken part in more than 100 lawsuits related to bankruptcy, took part accompanied by the bankruptcy procedures on the part of creditors and debtors and court-appointed trustees. Today, specialists of the company, an extensive legal practice, already attained a lot of options to counter unscrupulous debtors and protection of interests of persons involved in the bankruptcy. Clients of the company include the following services: preparation and submission of all necessary documents included in the register of creditors of the debtor, challenge the claims of unscrupulous lenders unraveling schemes on which withdrawal of funds or other assets of the debtor, as well as challenging the questionable transactions made by the debtor to the verge of bankruptcy, and etc.

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    The firm's specialists have experience in financial and business problems solution, in the investigation of the actions which does not conform to the legislation or other acts and principles, in conducting independent economic investigations, and investigations of the violations, in the evidence gathering, etc. The customers are provided with the following services: financial and economic activity analysis, business accounting control of the validation and completeness of the transactions, analysis of the schemes of withdrawal / theft of the assets, detection of the dubious counterparties and non-standard business transactions, analysis of the potential tax risks.

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